What does Dream on Silk stand for?

Dream on silk is a family business that has a beautiful collection of high quality of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk products. The aim is to enhance your sleep experience and offer you all the benefits that silk has for skin and hair care.


What are the benefits of silk?

Silk not only helps us feel more elegant when we use it, it also has many benefits for the skin as it is a natural and hypoallergenic material. Silk retains moisture from the skin, reduces facial wrinkles and creases, reduces hair frizz and keeps the body cool, allowing oxygenation of the skin.


What products can you get at Dream on silk?

Silk Pillowcases, Silk Sleep Eye Masks, Silk Face Masks and Silk Scrunchies.


Are Dream on Silk products certified?

Yes. The products we make at Dream on Silk are certified under the OEKE-TEX® Standards 100, which guarantee consumers that the product does not contain substances that are harmful to health. These standards are developed and administered by the International OEKO-TEX® Association, a group of 16 textile research and testing institutes in Europe and Japan, with representative agencies and contact offices in more than 60 countries around the world.


How should I care for my silk products?

To extend the useful life of your Dream on Silk products and keep them in good condition, we recommend that:

- Hand wash your Silk with cold pH neutral detergent;

- Do not tumble dry;

- Do not dry clean;

- Do not use bleaches or fabric softeners;

- Dry in the open air.


What is the difference between a satin pillowcase and a silk pillowcase?

Silk and satin are soft and similar fabrics, but they are not the same. Silk is a natural material, made from silkworm cocoons, it is very resistant and has a brighter appearance. Satin, on the other hand, is a material that is made from combinations of silk, polyester or nylon threads.

The main differences between a silk cover and a satin cover are:

- Satin does not absorb water, so it can be uncomfortable when worn next to the skin in hot weather. Silk on the other hand is an all-weather fabric, it can be warm in winter and cool in summer.

- Satin does not have hypoallergenic properties, unlike silk, which is inhospitable to mites, immune to fungi and resistant to mold and deterioration.

- Satin being an artificial fabric created from oil has a chemical composition similar to plastic bottles, which can be harmful to the skin. Silk, on the other hand, is completely natural, providing health benefits.


How do I know that a product is made from real silk?

A product made from real silk is:

- Soft to the touch, while synthetic has a more viscous texture;

- The drape of natural silk is lighter, more delicate and subtle than synthetic silk;

- Real silk is capable of perspiring, unlike synthetic silk.


What is a momme?

Momme (mm) is a unit used to measure the quality and weight of silk fabrics. The higher the momme of a silk, the thicker and more durable it is.

At Dream on Silk our products are made with 22 momme, making them resistant and durable to washing and use.


What do the experts say?

Dr. Lily Talakoub, McLean Center for Dermatology and Skin Care, USA. assures that “Silk is a hypoallergenic fabric. Unlike cotton, it can have high allergic properties silk does not, which means that if you are allergic, it will reduce redness, attraction and congestion”.

Dermatologist Debra Jaliman, author of the book Skin Rules: Trade secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist, states that “silk fabric reduces marks and wrinkles on the face, in addition to preventing the hair from rubbing against the sheet, reducing frizz”.


Who are the celebrities that use silk pillowcase?

One of the beauty secrets of various celebrities is silk. Victoria Beckham uses it to have perfect skin and hair through natural silk covers for her pillow. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen never forgets her silk pillowcases when she goes on a trip. And celebrity Cindy Crawford who opts for silk covers, once said in an interview, "I've noticed that I've not only gotten fewer pillow lines, but it's better for my hair."


What is our shipping policy?

Each order is shipped the same day or the next business day.

We offer free standard shipping on all orders over $100, for all orders under $100 a shipping fee of $10 will be applied.


Can a product be returned?

Yes. If you receive a faulty or damaged item, you can return the product by following the refund instructions. For more information check our refund policy here.